Mobility Plus Safety - YRT

Mobility Plus Safety

Wheelchair passenger

YRT cares about your safety. If you are concerned about any part of your trip, please call us immediately at 1-866-744-1119.

A safe vehicle, securement, and an escort to and from the door are Mobility Plus standards. In addition to on-board cameras, Mobility Plus staff is able to track all vehicles using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. GPS allows staff to know where the vehicle is at any time.

Mobility devices

Proper fastening of personal mobility devices is available on all conventional YRT and Viva vehicles.

For added safety, customers staying on their mobility devices during travel must use the lap belt as required by the Highway Traffic Act, section 106(3). Your bus operator will secure the device using the lap belt.

Travelling with mobility aids

All mobility aids are to be stored within the reach of the passenger or in a secure place where it cannot cause harm to other passengers.

Click here to learn more about mobility aid requirements.